Jean-Pierre Massiera & Bernard Torelli ‎- Turn Radio On (Marcy Music - 1977)

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"Turn Radio On" is really the ultimate opus Library of French musician, songwriter, sound engineer and producer from Antibes Jean-Pierre Massiera (Grand Prix, Herman's Rocket, Horrific Child, J.P.M. & Co, Les Maledictus Sound, , Venus Gang, Visitors, and many more with his mates Bernard Torelli . As usual with Massiera expects a mutant cosmic experimentation mixing disco funk with orchestral-pop in a delirious climax. Most of the tracks here has been recycled by Massiera on many of his project like on "Radioscopia" that was later reworked on JPM & Co album as "Plus jamais ca". "Special Night" was used as instrumental basis for "Adieu l’Ami" from JPM & Co too. The track "Help Taxi" gave his tune to many Massiera’s numbers: "Ces mots" from JPM & Co; "Golden Cristallen" from Herman's Rocket album in 1978; "Parachute" from Sex Convention single (1976); "Time Telephone" from GRAFFITI KIDS single (1979) and finally for Bernard Torelli's "I Feel Like Going Today" from NADJIM LALA single (1986). "Indian Duck" was reworked later into "Indian Planet" from Herman's Rocket album in 1978 and finally, "Radio Galaxia" is equal to "Green Creature" again Herman's Rocket.
Essential to any serious French Library & J.P Massiera Collectors.
Record is EX . Sleeve is EX (close to NM)