Gwakasonne ‎- Témwen (GKS Robert Oumaou - 1987)


2nd album by Gwakasonné, produced and composed by band leader Robert Oumaou who passed away last year. As usual we got here a brilliant fusion between traditional Ka percussion with modern instruments like electric piano, synth, electric guitar and bass but also balafon and flute. Témwen is certainly the hardest to find in the Gwakasonné trilogy. The whole album has this unique spiritual sound from Guadeloupe, check the long audio. To rank with Guy Conquette, Ka Fé, Edmony Krater, José Mancliere Erick Cosaque.

Record is strong EX (UNPLAYED) / Cover is strong EX

Favorite tracks Vwayajé / Karayìb / Rékréasyon