Claude Vasori / Daniel Janin ‎- Sports - Pop - Gags - Sweet (Musique Pour L'Image - 1968)


One of the most wanted 10' released on cult french Library label Musique Pour L'Image by french composers Claude Vasori (Ionic Scrabble / Caravelli) & Daniel Janin (Dinha Mantha's Power) teamed up to record tracks like on "Tic-Splasch" a pure orchestral soul jazz / mod jazz number with great guitar & organ solo that was compiled on Jazzman Records . Don't miss out the groovy cinematic vocal jazz "The Rhythm Woman" with superb female scat and vibes solo. The whole album is filled with great contemporary jazz numbers. Essentiel to any serious french jazz library collectors.

Both sleeve and record in NM / NM condition.