Michel Marre ‎- Y'a Quelqu'un Dans La Cabane (Vent Du Sud ‎- 1985)


First album by trumpetist/multi instrumentist Michel Marre released in 1985 after his Cossi Anatz Adventure. Super underrated Lp featuring french jazz legends Henri Texier on bass, Doudou Gouirand on sax and starring former members of Cossi Anatz : René Nan on drums, Christian Lavigne on piano and Lahcen Hilali on several tracks.
As usual with Michel, you can expect a very personal eclectic jazz, always flirting with occtian traditionnal music with influences going from Southern France, Spain to Middle East and Maghreb like on the superb "Pinar Del Rio". While "Etoile Rouge" really reminds me the Intercommunal Orchestra of François Tusques, just like the title track "Y'a Quelqu'un Dans La Cabane", sounding like a brass band playing post bop in a very spiritual way ! "Ballade À M" is a superb modal jazz with a very bluesy Michel on trumpet.

Sealed copy