Max Labor - Mamma Says (Frédéric 7 - 1982)

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Back In stock. Super hard to find album recorded by one of the most gifted guitarist from Guadeloupe Max Labor, founder with his brother Edouard of the famous band Les Maxell. This only album solo was produced by Adolfe Parillon is no cadence or tumbélé under disguise but cleary a pure caribbean jazz album. It features Remy Cabarus on bass, Camille Soprann' on alto sax (Max Labor's cousin) and Steve Potts as a guest star saxophone. The whole album is beautiful from start to finish with amazing jazz dance tunes like "Mama says" or "Germain Casse, man of the Republic", "Twilight Modality", "Hold Fast The Biguine" mixing traditional Gwo ka from Guadeloupe with funky modern jazz with a strong afro beat influence on some cuts. Now in strong demand since we compiled it on Kouté Jazz.

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