Gaoulé Mizik ‎- Gaoulé Mizik (Private - Guadeloupe - 1988)

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Second album by Gaoulé Mizik, a sparehead band of the Gwo Ka Modèn Mizik, this particular form of Gwo Ka mixed with Jazz invented by Gérard Lockel. Guitarist Christian Laviso excels on his instrument paying a true tribute to Lockel. The whole album is fantastic, bringing something new to Gwo Ka music like did Gwakasonne, Erick Cosaque, Akiyo, Ka-Levé, Edmony Krater ...
Don't miss out "Fre Karayib" the ultra deep"Sonné Lékla Sonné" with this incredible synth by Jacques-Marie Basse and enchanting flute solo. Privately released in the late 80's this one is particulary hard to find especially in clean condition.

Record is EX close to NM / Sleeve is in fantastic NM shape.