Fusion Jazz Quartet – New ( J.M.B. – J.M.B. 001 - France - 1984)


Never judge a record by his title ! This is definitely not a stodgy fusion album but a very surprising contemporary jazz album tending toward free/spiritual jazz. This not so unknown french quartet features percussionist/drummer and composer Youval Micenmacher (Arcane V, Fusion Jean Marc Padovani Sextet, Sonorhc, etc...) and the brilliant Jean-Marie Brière on tenor & soprano sax who composed all the tracks.
As it's written on liner notes the inspiration is from the highest grade : Archie Shepp, Petrucciani, Sun Ra, and Michel Portal. Still confidential even here in France, that's an excellent and hard to find album. Check the long audio.

Record is EX / Sleeve is EX.