Cossi Anatz - Jazz Afro-Occitan (Diggersdigest - French Attack)

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Following our deep jazz reissue series we are proud to announce the release of Cossi Anatz (means "Comment ça va ? or "How are You ? in french southern language).
Our long awaited reissue is an overlooked french jazz album with a real singular sound mixing the North African, Arabic and Occitan music (traditional music from Southern France) with free/spiritual. Composed and partly recorded live by Michel Marre, one of the spearhead of L'Intercommunal Free Dance Orchestra (founded by François Tusques) with René Nan on drums (who used to play with Marius Cultier), Jazz Afro-occitan is written on the cover and it's clearly the case when you put the needle on wax, You feel instantly that are quite obvious here, especially in the brass & percussions. Some brilliant tracks like the beautiful deep avant jazz "Al Coltrane" or the monster spiritual oriental jazz "Aden Arabie" with great Fender solo. One of my favorite track is "Bourrée Du Céor" a 8'm long deep modal jazz number with a raw live, almost rural sound ! Definitely one of my favorite french jazz album certainly because of his particular unique raw sound signature !

Very few copies left.