Chêne Noir - Orphée 2000 (Chêne Noir Disques – CN 00 2 - 1976)


"Orphée 2000" is the soundtrack to a cult play created in 1976 by the Théâtre du Chêne Noir. A fantastic spiritual jazz & esoteric poetry album tinged with eastern influences. A sound UFO from France, totally cult nowadays and pretty confidential when it was released in the 70's. The whole album is filled with amazing tunes like "La Musique D'Orphée" (that we compiled on Freedom Jazz France in 2013), "Musique de la nuit", "Chemin D'où L'on Ne Revient Pas" or "La Musique de La Lumière". If you like Brigitte Fontaine as much as John Coltrane then this album is for you !

Superb original copy in close to perfect condition.

Record is NM / Sleeve is EX