Bernard Verley Accompagné Par Catharsis ‎- Rimbaud C'est Toi - Le Bateau Ivre (original lacquer)


Ultra rare Acetate version (lacquer version) of pretty much overlooked Spoken Word, Poetry, Experimental album by actor Bernard Verlet backed by popular french progressive rock band Catharsis. From the same sessions as their 4th album "Illuminations" released in 1972 this is Volume 1 of 2 LP's by Bernard Verley recanting Arthur Rimbaud's "Le Bateau Ivre" (The Drunken Boat) and other poems.
Don't miss out "Mauvais Sang / Voyelles (Une Saison En Enfer)" on the whole B side that sounds more like a spiritual jazz tune than a prog rock track !
For fans of Colette Magny, Chêne Noir, Full Moon Ensemble, Tusques Intercommunal Free Dance Orchestra ...

The lacquer look very clean, strong VG+ plays well with a few crakles. I also offer a very clean copy of the original album version released on Pathé.