Sahib Shihab + Gilson Unit – La Marche Dans Le Désert (Futura Records – GER 34)

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Another superb Avant-garde Jazz produced and recorded by Jef Gilson in 1972 with legendary baryton & soprano sax, Sahib Shihab. features Pierre Moret on Hammond organ, ondoline & percussions, Jean-François Catoire on bass, Jean-Claude Pourtier and Maurice Bouhana on drums & percussions, & Bruno Di Goia (balafon, bongos & flûte). Don't miss the short but deep "La Marche Dans Le Désert "Orcha Damidbar" and "the long experimental SunRa-esque "Mirage I" One of the rarest on Futura.

Both sleeve and record in NM / NM condition