Organic Pulse Ensemble – A Thousand Hands (2 Headed Deer – 2HD006 - 2023)

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Organic Pulse isn't an ensemble, and there's only two hands in the mix, not a thousand – but the record spins out with a soaring, spiritual vibe that really belies its creation as a solo effort! Gustav Horenij plays bass, percussion, saxes, and flute on the record – layering the instruments wonderfully as they build over modal energy that seems to always come from the bass at the start – so that there's this really organic, living pulse to the whole record – with Gustaf tapping into his own personal energy, linking it to that of the planet, and letting the songs unfold in a really magnificent way! Despite the nature of its creation, the record has neither the spare feel of a solo performance, nor a too-polished quality of something put together in the studio – and instead, the whole thing feels as if you've stumbled upon a very powerful performance by a very soulful ensemble – a feat that maybe only the great Nat Birchall could pull off this well. Titles include "The Beckoning", "For All The Other Places", "Seven Outta Eight", "Dimma", "A Thousand Hands", and "The Damn Thing