Dominique Panol ‎- Guadeloupéennes Queens (3A Production - 1982)


First album by famous guadeloupean bass player Dominique Panol, this "Guadeloupéenes Queens" is not clearly zouk to me, more a caribbean rare grooves album inspired by soul funk with Gwo Ka rhythms and the same Horns section as on some Kassav album. No surprise to see Jacob Desvarieux, Claude Vamur, Roger Rspail, Jacques Mbida on the credit list. Eponymous track "Guadeloupéenes Queens" is more disco funk cadence tune sung in English by Panol. "Lanmou pas qu'à le sans Liberte" reminds me a track from NSI probably due to the vocal of Sylvie Drai (1st Kassav singer before Jocelyn Beroard became the female of this caribbean super group). "Ti Kadence" is a pure 80's funk tune sung in Créole ! Brilliant guadeloupean funk proto zouk album, remains really hard to find clean.

Record plays EX (looks NM) / Sleeve is EX close to NM